BSB Recoveries

British Satellite Broadcasting

It has been established that Noel Gay TV’s considerable archive of programming for the shortlived BSB service (1990) has been dispensed with, barring a few exceptions. The same is true of John Gau Productions, another major contributor.

The following complete programmes have been located on VHS, from the collections of Ian Beard, Leighton Calvert, Peter Kessler, Laurence Piper, Nick Symons and Mark Tinkler:

I Love Keith Allen – (VHS off-air of 07.07.90 revised repeat) 29.03.90
Up Yer News – (VHS off-air) 03.05.90
I Love Keith Allen – (VHS off-air) 03.05.90
Jools Holland’s The Happening – (VHS off-air) 19.05.90
I Love Keith Allen – (VHS off-air) 24.05.90
Jools Holland’s The Happening – (VHS off-air of 21.09.90 revised repeat) 26.05.90
I Love Keith Allen – (VHS off-air) 31.05.90
I Love Keith Allen – (VHS off-air) 14.06.90
La Triviata – (VHS dub from master) 29.06.90
Up Yer News – (poor VHS recording) 29.06.90
Further Up Yer News: Hairdresser – (VHS dub from master) 12.08.90
Further Up Yer News: Sales Rep – (VHS dub from master) 19.08.90
Up Yer Festival – (VHS off-air) 31.08.90
Heil Honey, I’m Home! – (VHS off-air) 30.09.90
La Triviata – (VHS off-air) 26.11.90
Up Yer News – (VHS off-air) 26.11.90
West – (VHS off-air) 28.11.90
West – (VHS off-air) 30.11.90
Up Yer Archive – (VHS off-air) 30.11.90
The Happening – (VHS dub from master) 02.03.91

…plus an assortment of undated material from The Happening, I Love Keith Allen (four unidentified editions), La Triviata, The Last Laugh and Up Yer News.

Additional material survives from the programmes 31 West, 31 West +, BSB News, The Day Today, First Edition, The Movie Show, Now Listen, Sportsdesk, Suggs on Saturday, Swing Shift and Weather Permitting as well as miscellaneous continuity for all five channels. The production companies need to be consulted on the archive status, if indeed they can be traced. Thanks to Ian Greaves for this catalogue.

4 responses to “BSB Recoveries

  1. G

    The following material is safe and sound on VHS. This is the stuff tagged ‘BSB’. There may be more and I would guess all with continuity and ads. Though I haven’t looked yet.

    Are You being Served?: Hooray for the Holidays 26 11 90 BSB
    Dr.Who: 3: The Escape 18 11 90 BSB
    Testcard: BSB Now channel, few secs only
    Scandal: BSB
    BSB Galaxy Channel: the last night
    BSB Power Station, News and Sushi TV titles
    Torch Song Trilogy 09 11 90 BSB
    Are You Being Served?: The Think Tank 12 11 90 BSB
    Partners 11 90 BSB
    Bewitched 05 11 90 BSB
    Are You Being Served?: Cold Comfort 05 11 90 BSB
    Grange Hill 25 11 90 BSB
    Dr.Who: 4 25 11 90 BSB
    Grange Hill: sports day 11 11 90 BSB
    Dr.Who: 2, 11 11 90 BSB
    Bewitched: Paris, start only 15 11 90 BSB
    Elton John: I’m Still Standing BSB
    Rod Stewart/Tina Turner: It Takes Two BSB
    Prince: Kiss BSB
    BSB promos
    Secret Army: Prisoner 29 11 90 BSB
    Dr.Who: The Dead Planet:1 04 11 90 BSB
    Secret Army: Revenge 05 11 90 BSB
    31 West: pop videos report 05 11 90 BSB
    Hairspray 03 11 90 BSB
    Three Hats For Lisa: end only 27 12 90 BSB
    New Kids Xmas party: extract 26 12 90 BSB
    Abba: Money, Money, Money? BSB
    Shakin’ Stevens BSB
    Betty Boo BSB
    BSB Power Station: ?
    BSB Power Station
    Black Box: Fantasy BSB
    The 49ers: Touch Me BSB
    Frankie: Relax BSB
    Betty Boo: Where Are You Baby? VIDEO BSB
    Blue Radio 03 02 91 BSB
    Cleopatra: start only LP 18 03 91 BSB
    Starsky and Hutch: kidnap LP/linear 18 03 91 BSB
    Cash On Demand 15 02 91 BSB
    Blue Radio: 17 02 91/BSB, including…
    Power Chart, the: BSB, 04 03 91
    Sushi TV, BSB
    Power Hour: albums, BSB

  2. I have some BSB recordings still. I know there is an episode of Laughlines with Nicholas Parsons. And I have loads of trailers. And some of the Doctor Who Weekend. I recorded loads of stuff. Oh and some original broadcast Jupiter Moons. Get in touch if you want to know more !

  3. Anon

    I have a compilation tape that includes the final episodes of Up Yer News, BSB News, the final close down of Galaxy and Now. All on VHS, but quite good recordings (all HiFi Stereo)

  4. David Lowen

    Would love to see the footage from Into the Groove featuring the legendary Curtis Mayfield. I was there and a friend of mine in prompt got on stage during the classic ‘Move on up’ number which I only saw live and would love to see the footage taken (he had to sign a consent form for BSB). Thanks a huge million.

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