LOOK AT THE SUN – Precious Seconds Thought Gone From The British Underground 1967 – 1970

Look at the Sun cover-2Title: LOOK AT THE SUN – Precious Seconds Thought Gone From The British Underground 1967 – 1970

Artists: Various
Genre(s): British psychedelia
Format: CD/vinyl
Price: Vinyl £14.49/ CD £12.99
Label: Top Sounds
Catalog Number: TSLP 005 (vinyl) / TSSCD 005 (CD)
Available From: September 2010.

UK-based record label Top Sounds – specializing in the “excavation and legitimate release of rare and unreleased music from the 1960s and early 70s” – unveils fifth compilation of unreleased acetates and long-lost TV and radio psychedelic treasures…

Top Sounds’ fifth compilation continues with the label’s favourite theme of rare BBC session tracks, but Look At The Sun also features a significant proportion of acetates – all previously unreleased – recorded by some of the decade’s most obscure happening groups.

‘LOOK AT THE SUN’ track listing

Side One

1. Keith Skues introduces his ‘Saturday Club’ LP of the Week’ (‘Saturday Club’, July 1968)
2. The Murder Of Lewis Tollani – KALEIDOSCOPE (‘Top Gear’, 13/12/67)
3. Reactions Of A Young Man – ELMER GANTRY’S VELVET OPERA (‘Top Gear’, 3/11/67)
4. Toymaker’s Shop – LOUISE (Acetate, 1967)
5. A Kaleidoscope Of Colours – THE ONYX SET (recorded at Bob Potter’s studio, late 1967)
6. Faintly Blowing – KALEIDOSCOPE (‘Top Gear’, 13/12/67)
7. Does It Really Matter – THE GLASS OPENING (Plexium label single, 1968)
8. Look At The Sun – LOUISE (Acetate, recorded 1967)
9. The Fool – THE GLASS OPENING (Acetate, recorded 1968)

Side Two

1. You’ve Gotta Be With Me – THE ONYX SET (Bob Potter’s studio, late 1967)
2. Without Her – COCONUT MUSHROOM (Emidisc acetate, 1968)
3. Flames – ELMER GANTRY’S VELVET OPERA (‘Saturday Club’, 16/1/68)
4. Dust My Blues – THE GLASS OPENING (Emidisc acetate, 1968)
5. Cross Cut Saw – THE FLEUR DE LYS (‘Top Gear’, 11/10/67)
6. Better By You, Better Than Me – GRADED GRAINS (Acetate, 1969)
7. Love’s Gone Bad – THE GLASS OPENING (Emidisc acetate, 1968)
8. Call Me Lightning – COCONUT MUSHROOM (Emidisc acetate, 1969)
9. Uptown And Downtown – THE ELASTIC BAND (Acetate, early 1970)


1. Highways – T2 (‘Sounds Of The Seventies’, 14/10/70)
2. Careful Sam – T2 (‘Disco 2’, 31/10/70)

Genuine hardcore unreleased British psych is a rare beast indeed these days but Top Sounds believe they have found some with two late 1967 tracks by LOUISE, who played clubs such as Happening 44 and were most definitely the real deal as far as British psychedelia was concerned.

Psych pop heroes KALEIDOSCOPE return with a newly discovered and much improved BBC version of ‘Faintly Blowing’ from 1967, together with a thought lost performance from the same session of ‘The Murder Of Lewis Tollani’.

Portsmouth psychsters COCONUT MUSHROOM offer excellent fuzzy pop in ‘Without You’, then crank up the volume with a sledgehammer version of the Who’s ‘Call Me Lightning’.

Top of many fans wants lists are new tracks by the FLEUR DE LYS, and unbelievably a cracking version of Albert King’s ‘Cross Cut Saw’ from a ’67 BBC session has been found for Look At The Sun.

Rare BBC performances by ELMER GANTRY’S VELVET OPERA have also been located and two of the best tracks from Wooden Hill’s ONYX CD make their first appearance on vinyl.

Infamous for their classic ‘Does It Really Matter’ and the fact that no-one had a clue who they were, the GLASS OPENING feature with not only that great B’side but also three other corkers cut onto acetates during 1968 (The CD version adds another two tracks by the Glass Opening as a bonus).

GRADED GRAINS reappear with an excellent take on ‘Better By You, Better Than Me’, nestling closely to Andy Scott blasting out heavy prog pop riffs with the ELASTIC BAND on a previously unknown version of ‘Uptown, Downtown’.

And closing almost an hour’s worth of music are two BBC performances by the venerable T2, one of which incredibly is an audio recording of their only television appearance!

Supplied with the obligatory 16-page booklet, (the CD will have a 32-page book), the vinyl and CD versions of Look At The Sun are now available. Visit: www.topsoundsrecords.co.uk