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Doctor Who trailer recreated with CGI

Along with episodes two – six of the story it promoted, a specially-recorded trailer for classic 1968 Doctor Who story The Web Of Fear is currently missing from the BBC archives.

Featuring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor, the trailer was broadcast at the end of episode six of The Enemy of the World to warn viewers the Yeti (and the Great Intelligence that controlled them) were coming back, scarier than ever.

Thankfully, an audio copy survived from an off-air recording made at the time and this has just been combined with cutting-edge CGI to give a faithful idea of what the original trail must have looked like.

It is the work of ‘life-long Doctor Who fan’ Iz Skinner. Speaking to WIPED, Iz explained how the idea for the trailer recreation came about after she started helping with the Loose Cannon series of missing Doctor Who adventure reconstructions.

‘Animation is one of my hobbies,’ said Iz. ‘I joined a couple of years ago and then got the recon(struction) bug.

‘The LC (Loose Cannon) guys found me at Who3D and asked me to help out on a few bits.

‘Working with the Loose Cannon team has been brilliant and a lot of fun – they were so knowledgeable and supportive. I hope to do more with them!

She continued: ‘I’d say Patrick Troughton was my favourite doctor, until David Tennant (swoon), and I was looking for a short piece to try out my 2nd Doctor model and my Yeti – so the trailer was perfect.

‘But it was the great line ‘If your mummy and daddy are scared…’ that really sold it to me.

‘There weren’t any visual references for the trailer. I’d seen a set photo which I used as a basis to create the set and I found part of the script in The second Doctor Handbook (Howe-Stammers- Walker) although I’d started working on the animation by this time, just following the audio.

‘I made the Doctor and Yeti models early last year, 2008, and did the lip sync and then animation later, at different times, so it’s difficult to say how long it took – I’d say it would have taken three to four weeks if I’d been working on it full time.

‘The announcement at the end probably shouldn’t have had the BBC globe ident over it (and apparently I made the globe spin a bit too fast – lol), but the trailer was just a bit of fun really.’

Iz’s trailer is set to be shown at the Gallifrey 2009 convention in Los Angeles in February and she revealed to WIPED that she is now working on the CGI recreation of a missing Doctor Who episode, title still under wraps, which she expects to have completed by the end of the year.

‘I love the idea that we can try to rebuild the past through animation,’ concluded Iz. ‘We’re so lucky that the audio of these episodes survived. ‘


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Missing TV/Radio Recoveries 2008

Thanks to amazing discoveries such as the Ed Doolan collection and the donation to the British Film Institute of the personal archive of the late, great Bob Monkhouse, 2008 was a bumper year for the recovery of missing TV and radio.

Here is a list of recoveries compiled from information on forums Missing Episodes and the Doctor Who Restoration Team, BBC News and the Kaleidoscope website.


Bob's Full House

Bob's Full House

TV (film & video):
Mad Movies (ITV 1965-6?) – entire three seasons. 16mm film
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Flip Side (1966) – BBC play in which Monkhouse appears as a DJ with a late-night television show – 16mm t/r
My Pal Bob (1958) 28.1.58 & The Letter. 16mm t/r, plus three VHS transfers
12+ 1970s Golden Shots – 30.1.72 (ex-16mm t/r) , 19.1.75, 26.1.75, 2.2.75, 9.2.75, 16.2.75, 23.2.75, 2.3.75, 9.3.75, 16.3.75, 23.3.75, 13.4.75 (ex-Betamax from Bob Monkhouse’s older formats)
Two more Golden Shots from 1968 – one features Harry Secombe and the Four Musketeers (West End play cast) and the other is Tanya the elephant
Three Sunday Night at the London Palladium – inc 5.3.67 and 2.4.67. Ex-Sony V32 VT
5.3.67 Englebert Humperdinck, Mike Yarwood, Paul Anka and the Kaye Sisters
2.4.67 Englebert again and the Walker Brothers.
5.3.67 Englebert Humperdinck, Mike Yarwood, Paul Anka and the Kaye Sisters
About 60 editions of Family Fortunes that were wiped in 1981

TV (Soundtracks):
Recordings include:
This is Your Life
The Arthur Askey Show
The Frankie Howerd Show, and “lots more besides” (Kaleidoscope’s Chris Perry)

300 assorted radio shows including:
Mostly Monkhouse (Early 1970s)
Calling All Forces (1951-2) – All 50 episodes (one exists in BBC archive)
Starring luminaries such as Tony Hancock, Charlie Chester, Ted Ray
“Calling All Forces” was the biggest Radio show on the air” Ray Galton
Fletcher’s Fayre
Workers Playtime
Blackpool Night

‘The future looks very good indeed for radio comedy. Indeed, it will be a 500% increase for the holdings of shows like Workers Playtime.’ Chris Perry

“Any collection like this, by accident, also has continuity on. Tapes have weather forecasts, continuity girls, trailers for things. Those things are largely missing before about 1980. ” BFI’s Dick Fiddy

The entertainer was among the first people to own a video recorder, but had accumulated reel-to-reel tapes and 16mm film well before VHS and Betamax were invented.
British Film Institute asked to examine the material by Monkhouse’s family following his death in 2003.

BFI and television-archiving association Kaleidoscope continue to sift through thousands of tapes and could yet discover some hidden gems. (‘36,000 tapes, then the film prints and audio reels on top of that’ – Chris Perry)

“What we’re left with is the legacy of a guy who was fanatically interested in this field.” Dick Fiddy

Alastair Sim (Speaking Personally) (BBC 1952) – The family of the late Alistair Sim approached the BFI with a 15-minute gem in which Sim, sitting increasingly uncomfortably in a wing-backed leather armchair, delivers a monologue to camera about the difficulties of delivering a monologue to camera.

Goodbye to ABC – 28.7.68 Midlands &
North versions. 2” transfers from 405 line VT
Includes little snippet of Janice Nicholls on Big Night Out (1963-5) celebrating her wedding and clip of Kenneth Williams on the Eamonn Andrews show (1966-9)

Sheila Kennedy was given a 2″ tape copy of the Midlands version by ABC the night she presented it.
David Hamilton, who presented the North version, also had a 2″ tape of his broadcast. He lent the 2″ to Kal in May/June 2008

Comedy Playhouse – The Siege of
Sydney’s Street (17 January 1964) 16mm t/r

Johnnie Ray Sings – 2 x 1960 editions.
16mm t/r

The Last Chronicle of Barset (1959?)– 4: Mr Toogood Travels Professionally – 16mm t/r

Barlow – mute film seqs for Hit tx’d 13.2.74. 16mm film

Z Cars – rushes for film sequences for Who’s Your Friend…? tx 6-7.9.71.
16mm film

Thank Your Lucky Stars (1963?) – Gerry and the Pacemakers extract. 16mm t/r

Lunch Hour – untx 1961 BBC play. 16mm t/r

Viewpoint – 6.5.64. 16mm t/r

Top of the Pops – Walker Brothers extract:
“(Baby) You Don’t Have to Tell Me” – 16mm b/w telerecording of insert – probably
never transmitted. (2 takes) Probably rx’d 21.7.66. 16mm t/r

TotP episodes 18.11.71 & 2.12.71. Ex-Philips 1500

Cher Gypsies Tramps & Thieves 18/11/1971 Unknown Disc
Cliff Richard Sing A Song Of Freedom 18/11/1971 Unknown Repeat Performance
Gilbert O’Sullivan No Matter How I Try 18/11/1971 Unknown Performance
Jason & Jerome Santa Monica Sunshine – 18/11/1971 Unknown Performance
John Kongos Tokoloshe Man 18/11/1971 Unknown Disc
Labi Siffre It Must Be Love 18/11/1971 Unknown Performance
Olivia Newton-John Banks Of The Ohio – 18/11/1971 Unknown Repeat Performance
Slade Cos I Love You 18/11/1971 Unknown Repeat Performance
T.Rex Jeepster 18/11/1971 Unknown Promo Video
The Piglets Johnny Reggae 18/11/1971 Unknown Promo Video
The Who / Pan’s People Let’s See Action 18/11/1971 Unknown Disc

Benny Hill Ernie – Top of the Pops – 02/12/1971 Unknown Promo Video Yes View segment
Cher Gypsies Tramps & Thieves – Top of the Pops – 02/12/1971 Unknown Disc No View segment
Deep Purple Fireball – Top of the Pops – 02/12/1971 Unknown Disc No View segment
Fame & Price Follow Me – Top of the Pops – 02/12/1971 Unknown Repeat Performance No View segment
Isaac Hayes Shaft – Top of the Pops – 02/12/1971 Unknown Disc No View segment
Labi Siffre It Must Be Love – Top of the Pops – 02/12/1971 Unknown Performance No View segment
Middle of the Road Soley Soley – Top of the Pops – 02/12/1971 Unknown Performance Yes View segment
Slade Cos I Love You – Top of the Pops – 02/12/1971 Unknown Repeat Performance No View segment
The Bachelors Diamonds Are Forever – Top of the Pops – 02/12/1971 Unknown Repeat Performance No View segment
The Supremes & Four Tops You Gotta Have Love In Your Heart – Top of the Pops – 02/12/1971 Unknown Performance No View segment
Tony Christie Is This The Way To Amarillo

Take Hart – 5.4.77 and 26.4.77. Ex-Philips 1500

The Newcomers – 26.4.66 ep 59. 2” transfer from 405 line VT

Douglas Fairbanks Jr Presents – While the Circus Passes & One Can’t Help Feeling Sorry 16mm film

The Violent Years – 27.10.59. Located at East Anglian Film Archive

New Landmarks – 29.5.61. 16mm t/r

Wheelbase – 27.4.71. 16mm t/r

Ralph Thompson Draws an Insect : A Cricket – 23.7.61. 16mm t/r

Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width – All that Glitters is not Gelt (20 August 1970)
2” transfer from 405 line VT

Second City Firsts – Waiting at the Field Gate (3 April 1975) – Ex-Philips 1500

Chelsea at Eight (Granada) – an edition. 16mm tr

Found by an archivist among a collection of travelogues. This 1950s Granada precursor to Friday Night with Jonathan Ross was filmed in the then bohemian London neighbourhood of Chelsea.
Among the finds are Billie Holiday singing Strange Fruit and John Osborne reading from one of his plays.

The Dickie Henderson Show (1960-3?) – The Maid. 16mm t/r

ITV Television Playhouse – Man of Destiny – 1.10.55 final reel. 16mm film

Roundup – 30.4.64 The Beatles interview. 16mm t/r

Admags – around 30 complete editions. 16mm film
Found by Richard Jeffs

Sailor of Fortune – Stranger in Danger (1956?). 16mm film

Errol Flynn Theatre – Mademoiselle Fifi & Strange Auction 16mm film

Crossroads – eps 126 (1965), 1884 & 1886 (1973) 16mm t/r

The Mindy Carson Show – 18.5.58.
16mm t/

BBC trailers including ones for Detective, Murder in the Cathedral (two versions), Sherlock Holmes (Wilmer), It’s A Square World (x 2), The Proms and Juke Box Jury. Also a generic – What’s on BBC Tonight. 16mm film

ABC trailers for Armchair Theatre and pop shows. 35mm film

Two ARTV links, one each side of an admag (ex-VT) plus three preserved Rediffusion links on CV2000 surrounding Jimmy Tarbuck material

In summer 2008 it was reported that Richard Jeffs had found 63 cannisters of film, one of which contained a “lost” Beatles interview from STV show Roundup(?) 1964, and another featuring unidentified footage of Cilla Black. The reels also contained approximately 30 admags.

ED DOOLAN COLLECTION (all of which are AUDIO ONLY recordings)

A Stripe for Frazer (1969)
Christmas sketch from Christmas Night with the Stars (1968). The men arrive on parade all dressed as Father Christmas

18-02-70 (Missing) Pete And Dud – Dud Dreams (aka The Wardrobe)-The Piano Tuner- Spike Milligan (On The Ning-Nang Nong)
18-03-70 (Missing) Train Conductor Opening-The World Of Worms-Pete And Dud – Racial Prejudice-Michael Chapman (Musical Item)-In The Club

23-01-67 Caviar On The Dole (Missing)
06-02-67 A Wapping Mythology ((The Workers’ King) (Missing)
13-02-67 In Sickness And In Health (Missing)
27-12-67 (Missing)
29/07/67 State Visit (Missing)
05/08/67 Bulldog Breed (Missing)
Talkback – Till Death… (14/01/68)
26-01-68 The Funeral (Missing)
02/02/68 Football (Missing)
09/02/68 The Puppy (Missing)
16/02/68 Aunt Maud (Visuals exists on Peto Scott Recording)
28/12/68 Monopoly (Missing)

24/03/69 (Missing)
28/04/69 (Missing)
05/05/69 (Missing)
14/09/69 (A repeat. But of what?)
28/09/69 (A repeat. But of what?)

14/09/66 – Do Not Adjust Your Set There’s a Fault in the Programme – Recorded from the ABC in Australia

11/01/68 – #2
26/02/69 – #15
12/03/69 – #17
19/03/69 – #18
30/04/69 – #24
14/05/69 – #26

HORNE A PLENTY – 13/11/68 (Missing)



18/04/69 – Thine House In Order
25/04/69 – A Mother In Israel
02/05/69 – Behold This Dreamer
09/05/69 – An Uncertain Sound
16/05/69 – In The Beginning
27/08/69 – Root of All Evil
18/10/68 – Treasures on Earth

20/04/67 – The Army
27/04/67 – Advertising
04/05/67 – Parliament & Politicians
18/05/67 – Industry
25/05/67 – Culture
01/06/67 – Transport
09/06/67 – Crime
??/??/?? – Europe
29/06/67 – Showbusiness
17/03/67 – Youth
31/03/67 – Countryside (Broadcase date 11.05.67 acc

Larger Than Life

Spanner in the Works 02.06.67
The Chars 23.11.63
House in a Tree 25/06/67
Heirs on a Shoestring 09/06/67
To Lucifer a Son (with Jimmy Tarbuck) 29.06.67
Tooth and Claw 28.04.69
The Lovers 12/05/69
The Making of Peregrine 19/05/69
Joint Account 18/12/69
Keep ‘Em Rolling 11/03/1970
Better Than A Man 18/03/1970
Mind Your Own Business 08/07/1970

26/04/69 – Friends in High Places
04/05/69 – Never Talk to Strangers
17/05/69 – Pity Poor Edie, Married to Him
24/05/69 – An Extra Bunch of Daffodils
21/11/69 – ??


Listen To This Space
Does the Team Think

BBC Radio WM’s Ed Doolan taped hundreds of programmes during the 60s and 70s, starting recording in 1967

Paul Vanezis came into contact with Ed in 2006

Only 2 tapes have been transferred so far, but each contains 8 hours of material. The tapes are consecutive and some cover just a couple of days, others cover a week.

“There are hundreds of tapes to go through” (Doctor Who Restoration Team’s Paul Vanezis)

TV (AUDIO ONLY soundtracks)
4.3 Underpaid! Or, Grandad’s SOS 02.01.59
4.5 The Flight of the Red Shadow 23.01.59
4.6 The Horror Serial 30.01.59
4.8 Matrimony Almost 13.02.59
4.9 The Beauty Contest 20.02.59
4.10 The Wrong Man 06.03.59

A collection of previously ‘lost’ episodes from the fourth season of Hancock’s Half Hour recovered with thanks to the THAP
The recordings are off-air audio recordings of varying quality and will need remastering, but bring some interesting gems back to the BBC archive.

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