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LOOKING back on 2011, it’s unquestionably been a great year for missing episodes enthusiasts.

From the finds that made headline news, such as the discovery of David Bowie’s legendary performance of The Jean Genie on Top of the Pops and the return of not one but two long-absent episodes of Doctor Who, to the relatively unsung yet nevertheless important recoveries that helped fill gaps in the archives, we’ve been spoilt with the wealth of recovered TV and radio shows, not to mention lost films, uncovered in the last 12 months.

But what has been the find of 2011 that has got you most excited? With that question in mind, Wiped News has put together a little poll to find out which recovery made you, the readers, happiest.



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Raymond of the Lost Archive

WIPED NEWS is delighted to welcome on board missing episode hunter Ray Langstone as a columnist.

As regular readers may know, Ray has made a number of exciting recoveries this year – all by using the internet.

His committment to tracking down lost footage is to be commended and I hope you enjoy following his ongoing pursuit of material and thoughts about the subject of missing episodes in general.

You can find a link to his column – Raymond of the Lost Archive – over on the menu to the right (entitled “Also On Wiped”).

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Amateur Animation Takes TARDIS Crew Back To The Moon

If you judge aesthetically, it’s pretty shoddy, but regardless of the quality, one YouTuber’s admirable attempt to animate a whole missing episode of Doctor Who is worthy in two respects.

Firstly, Martin Scotchmore’s amateur recreation of “The Moonbase” episode one (tx 11/2/67)  is highly watchable in its own right.

OK, Martin’s “borrowed” heavily from Cosgrove Hall’s superlative animations of episodes one and four of 1969’s “The Invasion” – released on DVD by 2|entertain in 2006 – with the amusing consequence that a lot of characters share faces (such as all the women looking like TARDIS companion Zoe).

But never-the-less, it’s still an A* for effort, considering that 2|entertain have yet to commission any more animations despite their being a considerable demand for them among the Who community.

That brings me to the second point concerning it’s value: Ropey as it is, it still enjoys the distinction of being the ONLY fully animated fan-produced episode to date.

So thanks Martin for doing this, and I hope we get to see missing episode three some time soon.

and secondly, it has the distinction of being the only fully animated fan-produced episode to date.


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