STV Archives Come To YouTube – David Paton, Media co-ordinator – STVPlayer on YouTube. talks about the opening up of Scottish Television’s rich archive online.

Barry Noble on Colour Me Pop – Pop singer Barry Noble speaks to Wiped News about the rediscovery of the soundtrack to his missing edition of 1960s’ BBC 2 music show Colour Me Pop.

Turning Back Time: The Hunt For ABC’s Countdown – Retro-music lover Troy Williams talks about how and why he’s tracking down lost episodes of Australian TV show Countdown.

John Williams On Finding Flashez – ABC researcher John Williams writes about recovering episodes from a short-lived but highly influential and fondly-remembered 1970s music programme.

Electric Dreams: Using The Internet To Locate Missing Material – Missing episode hunter Lance Meenach discusses how the Internet has assisted his search for rare shows and music clips.

You Think File Sharing Is All Bad? Well, Rats To You – Archive television drama enthusiast Marcus Payne recounts his discovery of a missing episode of ’60s AR spy series The Rat Catchers, and explains how file sharing isn’t as black and white as the entertainment industry would have us believe.

Every Photo Tells A Story: Uncovering Doctor Who’s Photographic Legacy – Doctor Who fan Derek Handley helps put together the photo galleries for Doctor Who DVDs as well as provide Doctor Who Magazine with classic series pictures to illustrate their features. He talks to Wiped about his work, its value to Who fans, and how the BBC’s black and white Doctor Who photo archive was in as bad a state as its 1960s episode-holdings when he first started.

Raider Of The Lost Sound Archives – Wiped takes a look at the Top Sounds record label, which over the last few years has released a number of album compilations featuring officially missing BBC sessions from the height of the psychedelic era.

Popdown Pops Back Up – One Man’s Mission To Find A Lost Film – Peter Prentice discusses how his discovery that a 1960s pop movie was missing from the archives led on to an international mission not only to track down a print, but save an entire film archive as well.

Not Just A Shot In The Dark – Loose Cannon Doctor Who Recons – Russ Port talks about the work of Loose Cannon Productions, which has been making high-quality reconstructions of missing 1960s Doctor Who stories for over 10 years.

Kaleidoscope June 2009 Event – Review – Review of classic TV organisation Kaleidoscope’s continuity-themed event, held on June 6th, 2009.

Apollo 11: The BBC Broadcasts – Wiped speaks to The Sky At Night producer Paul Vanezis about the BBC’s historic 10-day Apollo 11 coverage, regarded as one of the major casualties of the organisation’s wiping policy.

Doomwatch – Scott Burditt of http://www.doomwatch.org looks back at one of the the BBC’s most powerful sci-fi series, and laments the loss of many of its episodes.

A Driving Passion: ‘Reclaiming’ Missing Motor Sports Footage – Gary Critcher of Yesterday’s Racers.com talks about his search for footage of classic motor racing events.

Putting A Springbok In Its Step: Avengers On The Radio – Thanks to Avengers fan Alan Hayes, a number of wiped South African serials featuring radio versions of John Steed and Emma Peel are available once again.

Popdown Progress – Peter Prentice provides an update on his mission to save and restore a lost film.

Power Of The Daleks Reconstruction Spotlight – Fan-made reconstructions of missing episodes of Doctor Who are getting ever more sophisticated and watchable. Wiped takes a closer look at one of them – an exciting new CGI ‘Power of the Daleks’ clip put totether by amatuer computer animator Jon Brunton.

No Hiding Place – ‘Time To Kill‘ – Tim Disney talks about obtaining a considerable segment from a lost episode of Sixties crime drama No Hiding Place, and his ongoing search for more material from Associated-Rediffusion and Rediffusion.

Raiders Of The Lost Archives 2009 – A full list of TV recoveries made in 2009 as part of Kaleidoscope’s ‘Raiders of the Lost Archive’ initiative.

Raiders of The Lost Archives 2010 – A full list of TV, radio and other recoveries made in 2009 as part of Kaleidoscope’s ‘Raiders of the Lost Archive’ initiative.

The Happening- Recovering The Lost BSB Archives – Ian Greaves examines the sorry state of the British Satellite Broadcasting archives. Together with Kaleidoscope, Ian is hoping to recover important shows such as Up yer News, I Love Keith Allen and Jools Holland’s The Happening.

Interview with Oliver Ashmole – Wiped speaks to the collector who returned a missing episode of The Troubleshooters to the BBC.

Wickham’s World – Voice actor Keith Wickham talks about his work restoring classic radio comedies, including I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again for BBC Radio 7.

Charles Gordon on missing episodes, home recordings and the Graham Webb archive – Freelance writer Charles Norton talks about finding a large collection of home reel-to-reel recordings featuring the soundtracks to shows including Not Only… But Also.