Ray’s Column 2#

This week has been a bit of a quiet week for me in terms of looking for lost footage, but even when I’m busy with work, things go on.

There was the recent revelation that musician Steve Harley owned an early video recorder. Steve revealed, on his blog, that he had a box of old tapes in a haybarn somewhere.

Martin Barden – the brilliant T Rex archivist – contacted Steve’s people and got a reply back saying that the video tapes carried not much more than the recordings of “The Prisoner”.

Even so, I would have like the tapes to be at least checked, seeing as these come from no later than 1977, and may have other things on them, whether it’s stuff Steve taped in error or has just forgotten about. Many discoveries come like this.

For me, finding missing episodes can be important in many ways. Not just the historical value for future generations, or the general entertainment value of seeing old clips; it’s often that these were a part of people’s life.

It can be very important to an individual that a programme they, a relative or friend appeared in is preserved.

I received a phone call from a BBC presenter/producer who has been in broadcasting since the ’80s. We talked about regional programming and old music shows, mainly from the ’80s, and it turned out he knew one of the people who worked on Late Night Line-Up.

After some dialogue with her about my recent find he told me she would like a copy of the show, so I have passed him the details of SSE’s archive. She actually remembers making the particular programme vividly and was delighted it had turned up.

Until next week….””


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