Ray’s Column 3#

It’s been another busy week for me, particularly at work, with unfortunately not as much time as I would have liked trying to find missing footage.

Even so, a few interesting things have gone on.

I was delighted to find out that this year’s Missing Believed Wiped event will be held at BFI South Bank on 7th November with two sessions at 3.30pm, and another at 6.20pm.

Session One includes footage from the Library of Congress rediscoveries!

While it’s well-known that my main interest is missing rock and pop TV (and there will be some Lulu and Manfred Mann on show at South Bank, by the way), I was delighted with the finding of the films at the Library of Congress. Great work by all, especially at Kaleidoscope, and some more of our history justly preserved!

I’ve spoken to my Australian contacts quite a bit in the last few weeks (which is where the David Cassidy 500th episode TOTP clip came from, as you know), hoping that more things turn up via them.

Troy Walters has done a great job finding wiped Countdown episodes (that’s the Aussie pop show) and a guy called Adrian Gregg does some marvellous audio restoration work. I’d like to get contact throughout the world. Maybe the Doctor Who enthusiasts can give me a few names!

There’s been a little bit of chat on the Missing Episodes Forum about a David Frost programme (US TV, and quite possibly not missing), and a short film is on sale online called “Guttenberg”, which is allegedly a BBC documentary from the 1960s. I’ve had a word called archiving and they cannot find a listing of it being shown on the BBC.

I also found some clips online of two railway documentaries called “Railway Roundabout”. These are, thankfully, preserved and available on DVD. They are actually kept in the archives of the National Railway Museum and not a broadcaster or media archive, as such.

What I found interesting particularly is that they were an independent production for the BBC, something which is more commonplace these days.

The range of interests within us missing episodes hunters is very large indeed. As well as music fans and Doctor Who fans, there are many people particularly into their comedy, or their drama or their sport.

Some people are interested in a particular channel (such as Rediffussion), a studio (Ally Pally), or a TV personality and there are also fans of regional news, idents, testcards, adverts, Public Information Films, and educational programmes. Some are even into party political broadcasts and elections!

Now if we can all find a few programmes each in the next few months…

Until next time,



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