A Whole Scene Going

BBC. Broadcast 16/03/1966 (approx 30 mins).

The show is hosted by Wendy Varnals and Barry Fantoni and  features the following (in order):

          A pop video to “Dedicated Follower of Fashion”, presumably sung by The Kinks (they do not appear in it). Comedian Willie Rushton’s cousin Tony dashes around London’s fashion shops trying on clothes. Played for comedy with speeded up clothes changing. (approx. 2 mins)

          A guide to Birmingham nightclubs such as “Club Cedar” ,Le Metro” and “The Heart Beat” (“It’s far friendlier than London”). 2 mins approx.

Judy Collins singing “Hard Lovin Loser” in the studio (3 mins approx.)

          With the introduction, “Down in darkest Shepparton, something’s stirring. A director is at work and his name is Gordon Flemyng”, we go to a film insert. It cuts to the studio back lot where deserted  set buildings lead us into  a behind the scenes film on the making of the Doctor Who  feature  film, “Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD”. We see Flemyng at work above the Dalek control room set, occasionally shouting “cut” and running down onto the set. He is seen talking to cast and crew. Peter Cushing is present, along with Daleks and Robomen. We see the Dalek bomb hanging above the set. A clapperboard marks the shot and the scene is filmed  involving fighting Daleks. A stuntman falls into the Dalek mineshaft. After “cut!”, we see him climb out again afterwards. This is interspersed with an interview with the director. Flemyng mentions that he prefers making entertainment pictures and he doesn’t take them seriously and neither should anyone else. (5 mins approx.)

          Back in the studio, there is a debate on  training in the British Film Industry, featuring  three British Film Directors (Frank Lauder,James Hill and Carol Reiz). They discuss the difficulties of getting a first job and  debate the relevance of film schools.(5 mins approx.)

          The next article is introduced .On film,Spencer Davis, Steve and Muff Winwood and Pete York are seen running through a housing estate to their song, “Keep on Running” .They mention how this was turned down and made the B side. We see them in rehearsals, singing ”I woke up this morning”. They are also interviewed on how they broke into the pop world. Also, shots of their families and more rehearslas over interviews.

          Cut to studio where the band are asked questions by a  group from the audience.

          Finally, the Spencer Davis group performs “Somebody Help Me Now” in the studio (all their input  – 10 minutes).

          Credits roll over end of song.

          Fade out. BBC Caption advertising next week’s show. A continuity  announcer tells us Michael Caine and David McCallum will be featured in the Hot Spot.

          BBC Clock. Announcer tells us it’s nearly 7 o’clock. First two seconds of following show appears.


2 responses to “A Whole Scene Going

  1. Lance Meenach

    Interesting, in that the first two seconds of the following show were displayed. Seeing in that very possibly this TR was created upon the original programm transmission it would seem to appear here. I am wondering if this print was created as a memento upon transmission by one of the guests or creators of this show, to keep around for posterity? Guessing the Doctor Who connection would be a possibility here?

  2. I was on the front bench many times along with barry wendy and mike Quinn how does one view these episodes

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