Library of Congress Discoveries 2010

In the summer of 2010, the British Film Institute made an incredible announcement: the recovery of more than 60 previously missing TV dramas made between the 1950s and 1970s and starring a who’s who of acting talent. You can read the full story of the Library of Congress find on the BFI website: An Amazing Rediscovery of Lost British TV.

Below is a list of what was found.

*Listed as missing by (Kaleidoscope Publishing).

Plays Unattached to a Series

27.10.59 Antigone* (BBC) w/Dorothy Tutin, David McCallum

1961 The First Gentleman* (Rediffusion) w/Susannah York

20.04.62 The Winter’s Tale* (BBC)

18.12.69 Rembrandt* (BBC) dir (Rudolph Cartier)

05.02.67 Much Ado About Nothing* (BBC)

Blood and Thunder (Granada)

04.01.65 The Changeling*

Victoria Regina (Granada)

20.11.64 Summer*

27.11.64 Autumn*

The Wednesday Play (BBC)

21.04.65 Auto Stop* w/David Hemmings

01.12.65 The Bond*

Television World Theatre (BBC)

23.02.58 The Master Builder*

Play of the Month (BBC)

27.09.66 Defection! The Case of Colonel Petrov*

03.12.67 Romeo and Juliet*

Thursday Theater (BBC)

24.12.64 The Young Elizabeth*

18.03.65 Anatol*

11.02.65 Naked Island*

Played Upon a Stage (Rediffusion)

She Stoops to Conquer

11.05.60 Part 1*

18.05.60 Part 2*

25.05.60 Part 3*

Theatre 625 (BBC)

26.09.65 Rosmersholm* (Rosmesholm)

28.11.65 The World of George Orwell: 1984*

29.05.66 She Stoops to Conquer*?

20.03.66 A Month in the Country*

02.01.66 Dr. Knock* w/Leonard Rossiter, John Le Mesurier (check this)

13.03.66 The Queen and the Welshman* w/Dorothy Tutin

27.03.66 The Seagull*

12.06.67 The Blood Knot*

Drama Playhouse (BBC)

07.12.70 The Onedin Line – The Wind Blows Free*

Play of the Week (Rediffusion)

30.01.57 The Wild Duck*

27.01.59 Killing of the King*

28.07.59 Dandy Dick*

02.02.60 The Flowering Cherry*

18.09.62 Freedom in September*w/Patrick Troughton

20.11.62 The Typewriter*

03.09.63 The Three Sisters*

The Sunday Night Play (BBC)

16.04.61 Charley’s Aunt*

21.01.62 The Rivals*

Sunday Night Theatre (BBC)

16.11.58 The Lower Depths*

Festival BBC

09.10.63 Fallen Angels*

16.10.63 The Duel*

20.05.64 Everyman*

Twentieth Century Theatre (BBC)

17.01.60 Colombe* w/Sean Connery, Dorothy Tutin

19.06.60 Insect Play (comedy)*

The Victorians (Granada) (entire series)

31.05.63 The Rent Day *

07.06.63 London Assurance*

14.06.63 Society*

21.06.63 The Ticket-Of-Leave Man*

28.06.63 Two Roses*

05.07.63 Still Waters Run Deep*

12.07.63 The Silver King*

19.07.63 Sweet Lavender*

Thirteen Against Fate BBC (complete)

26.06.66 Trapped*

10.07.66 The Widower*

17.07.66 The Judge*

24.07.66 The School Master*

31.07.66 The Witness*

07.08.66 The Friends*

14.08.66 The Survivors* dir (Rudolph Cartier)

28.08.66 The Murderer*

04.09.66 The Suspect*

11.09.66 The Consul*

Paris 1900 Granada (entire series)

02.10.64 Ribadier System*

09.10.64 Fashions for Ladies*

16.10.64 Lambert Affair*

23.10.64 Half a Husband*

30.10.64 The Ribbon*

06.11.64 Luck of the Game*

For Schools: Associated-Rediffusion ITV

18.03.59 Twelfth Night*

1962 Romeo and Juliet w/Jane Asher (third reel of three is missing)

Hamlet (edited together without program divisions)

22.10.63 Episode 1*

05.11.63 Episode 2*

12.11.63 Episode 3*

19.11.63 Episode 4*

26.11.63 Episode 5*

Television Playhouse (From Dupont Show of the Week)

04.01.63 The Ordeal Of Doctor Shannon* Rediffusion

12.09.63 To Bury Caesar* Rediffusion


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