Ray’s Column 1#

Hi, my name is Ray, and I look for missing TV.

I think I ought to start telling you how I look for potentially missing programmes!

It’s well-known that I look on an almost daily basis on YouTube for shows.

YouTube is great in the fact that not only can you watch footage and discover shows and clips thought long gone, but the fact, MOST importantly, that you can get in touch with the poster of the clip.

At any time I view a clip that I think is possibly missing, I message the poster via my YouTube account. I got one specifically to do this! This has resulted in a few clips being discovered.

Searchable online archives are another resource. I discovered the Late Night Line Up insert this way.

The good news for missing episodes hunters is that more catalogues are being opened up to the public online. The more knowledge, and the more openness, the more chance of finding SOMETHING.

I also have no problem in speaking to anybody. Facebook has been useful for me in making contacts and spreading the word about what I and others are trying to do.

I have asked a number of collectors, industry people and also artists (mainly in my favourite field of music TV) if they have any copies of wiped programmes.

I have made many useful contacts on Facebook, and the recent David Cassidy clip recovery was mainly down to speaking to a contact of mine on Facebook, who had the clip in his collection.

Until next time,



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