Raiders Of The Lost Archive Recoveries List 2009

Top of the Pops

Recovered by the BFI are:
tx: 06.07.67 & 27.7.67. About 20 mins of each show exists. Both are hosted by Alan Freeman.
Both feature constant rolling as the original tape was very badly damaged. Perhaps at any given time you only get about a minute of unsullied footage but it is very valuable as a record of what the Pink Floyd looked like when they played See Emily Play (06.07.67) and to see the wild antics of the Turtles (27.7.67).
Includes rare items e.g. Floyd, Procol Harum, Turtles, Dave Davies. The tape came from Bill Harrison who stores, catalogues and repairs (mostly) audio material for various clients in the music industry. Ex_1” videotape (optical conversion from 405-line 2″ original recording).

Recovered by the BBC are:
tx: 06.03.69. Ex_CV2000 from collection of Lulu with Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich _ Don Juan (Studio), Lulu _ Boom Bang-a-Bang (Studio), Stevie Wonder _ I Don’t Know Why (Studio), Bee Gees _ First Of May (Studio), Love Affair – One Road (Studio), Tymes _ People (Studio), Peter Sarstedt _ Where Do You Go To My Lovely (Studio).

tx: 07.11.74, incomplete copy (about 30 minutes), missing the start and end. Ex_UMatic from collection of Dick Emery. (Note: the Dick Emery Umatics were first listed in the 2007 event booklet for Raiders of the Lost Archives. At the time they had not been looked at, lent to the BBC by Dick’s family. When they were finally examined only that bit of TOTP was missing footage).

Recovered by Kaleidoscope from collection of David Hamilton are:
tx: 22.01.76 with Sailor, Barbara Dickson, Slik, Smokie, R & J Stone, Osibisa, E.L.O., David Ruffin, Paul Davidson and Queen.

tx: 22.02.76 with Fatback Band, Tina Charles, Smokie, Billy Ocean, Cliff Richard, Guys & Dolls, C. W. McCall, Status Quo and The Stylistics.

tx: 25.03.76 with Marmalade, Billy Ocean, Miracles, The Glitter Band, Hot Chocolate and Pan’s People.

tx: 31.03.77 with David Dundas, Lynsey de Paul, Mike Moran, The Stylistics, Bonnie Tyler, David Soul, Legs & Co and Berni Flint.

The Bob Monkhouse Collection – see separate book, ‘Bob’s Full House’

Till Death Us Do Part

Three 16mm telerecordings returned by Graham Walker via Kaleidoscope;
transferred by BBC to HDCam.
tx: 26.12.66 – Peace and Goodwill (missing sequence).
tx: 13.02.67 – In Sickness and in Health
tx: 20.02.67 – State Visit

Look! Hear!

Regional BBC series. VHS transfers from 2” videotape recovered by Paul Vanezis.
tx: 4. 29.01.80 – Music from Diamond Head & The Selecter
tx: 5. 05.02.80 – Music from Delegation & The Beat
tx: 7. 26.02.80 – Music from Magnum & The Swinging Cats

Play School

On VHS recovered by Paul Jackson whilst writing Kaleidoscope’s new Play School book, due March 2010.
tx: 08.04.82
tx: 02.06.82

Douglas Fairbanks Junior Presents

Episodes available for TV Companies to access 40 episodes located on UCLA’s catalogue, all held on 16mm safety film:

tx: 22.09.56 – ‘The Girl In The Blue Jeans’
tx: 29.09.56 – ‘The Model’
tx: 06.10.56 – ‘The Duel’
tx: 20.10.56 – ‘The Red Geranium’
tx: 10.11.56 – ‘The Fortunes Of War’
tx: 24.11.56 – ‘The Ordeal Of Carol Kennedy’
tx: 23.02.57 – ‘My Infallible Uncle’
tx: 23.03.57 – ‘Take The High Road’
tx: 06.04.57 – ‘The Cellini Cup’
tx: 13.04.57 – ‘Rescued’
tx: 11.05.57 – ‘Out Of The Blue’ [lacks end credits]
tx: 01.02.58 – ‘The 1,000th Night Of Don Juan’
tx: 08.01.56 – ‘King High’
tx: 15.02.56 – ‘Guilt’
tx: 25.02.56 – ‘Welcome My Wife’
tx: 29.02.56 – ‘Ship’s Doctor’
tx: 15.03.56 – ‘International Settlement’
tx: 28.03.56 – ‘The Dark Lake’
tx: 04.04.56 – ‘The Hideaway’
tx: 12.04.56 – ‘Provincial Lady’
tx: 18.04.56 – ‘Another Day’
tx: 26.04.56 – ‘A Line In The Snow’
tx: 05.05.56 – ‘The Dunce’
tx: 12.05.56 – ‘The Murderer’
tx: 23.05.56 – ‘Flight One-Zero-One’
tx: 30.05.56 – ‘The Thoroughbred’
tx: 06.06.56 – ‘Blue Murder’
tx: 11.06.56 – ‘Leave To Die’
tx: 22.06.56 – ‘Rain Forest’
tx: 24.08.56 – The Mix-Up
tx: 29.08.56 – ‘Personal Call’
tx: 05.11.56 – ‘Gramma Brenn’
tx: 10.12.56 – ‘Big Nick’
tx: 24.12.56 – ‘The Happy McBains’
tx: 25.01.57 – ‘The Trap’
tx: 22.02.57 – ‘The Apples’
tx: 01.03.57 – ‘Dream Stuff’
tx: 07.06.57 – ‘The Hero’
tx: 14.06.57 – ‘The Treasure Of Urbano’

Return Of Francis Chichester

Recorded off-air from Westward TV.
tx: 28.05.67 (ex_CV2000). Westward invision (Jan Leeming) at start. Westward ident slide (mute) at end.
(The programme itself is an ITV Network O/B production). Located by Simon Winters.

Time for Blackburn

Recorded off-air CV2000 from a Friday night on London Weekend,
tx: probably 25.10.68. (The southern broadcast appears to have been on the next day, 26.10.68). Begins with static caption for ‘this is London Weekend Television’ with voice-over for Friday night progs on London Weekend, inc. Olympics coverage, (unknown announcer). Two commercials in ad break. slide for ‘Garrison’s Gorillas’ at end of show (mute caption). This edition features The Who in a rare live performance. Located by Simon Winters.


tx: 28.11.77. Leslie Halliwell as a guest. Ex-1500 cassette.


tx: 18.01.69 with Jack Jones. Song for Europe “March”; 01.02.69 with Gene Pitney, Terry Reid.
Song for Europe “I Can’t Go on Living Without You” and 15.03.69 with Georgie Fame, Alan Price,
The Thymes. The Lulu shows are in the series that starts out as Happening for Lulu but gives up the first two words after two weeks. Ex-CV2000 from collection of Lulu.

Command Performance – ‘Latino’
(1965): b/w 16mm telerecording. This BBC programme is not listed in any of the BBC records.

Glen Campbell Music Show

tx: 04.05.75 with Helen Reddy, Carl Jackson, Bill Graham, Bob Felts and Dennis McCarthy. 16mm colour telerecording. (Already exists on colour V.T. in the library, but only as a thirty minute (repeat) version – this copy is around forty minutes.)

Out of Town

Majority of the final two seasons.
All came from cameraman Stan Bréhaut’s off-air betamax collection before he died. The only clearly identifiable ones are the last two from the penultimate series (79/80), and the final one from the final series (80/81). Interestingly, in the final one of the penultimate series, Jack Hargreaves announces his intention to step down from broadcasting, and this was before the 1980 franchise loss announcement. Therefore, all the people who say that this series was killed off by the franchise loss are wrong _ it was going to end anyway. At the end of the very final one (1981), the Southern announcer states at the end that this was the last ever ‘new’ edition, and that the last season on Southern (Autumn 1981) will see a short selection of reruns. Located by Simon Winters.

Day By Day

Stan Bréhaut also taped on Betamax a missing 1981 Day by Day devoted to Out of Town, complete with David Bobin interviewing Jack Hargreaves in the studio. There is also a small (2 mins) segment of a missing Saturday Banana on his tapes. Finally, Stan taped about two hours of missing Day by Day film reports by elderly roving reporter Norman Goodland. These are important recovered material, they are all about disappearing Britain in 1980/81. Located by Simon Winters.

Material recovered ex-1500 cassettes from Paul Stewart Laing:

1. Summer Night Out tx: 14.07.76. Complete recording of Bob Monkhouse special including all unedited unused footage.
2. Celebrity Squares – two untx pilots exist but have yet to be viewed, plus 20.7.75 (complete show and dry run recording); 10.8.75, 31.8.75, 21.9.75, 28.9.75 (complete show and dry run recording); 12.10.75, 26.10.75, 2.11.75, 8.2.76, 28.3.76, 12.9.76, 29.4.78 ep 100.

The Avengers – telesnaps of Ian Hendry stories

‘One for the Mortuary’ Saturday (29.04.61 – 10pm) 80 telesnaps
‘The Springers’ Saturday (13.05.61 – 10pm) 84 telesnaps
‘The Frighteners’ Saturday (27.05.61 – 10pm) 82 telesnaps
‘The Yellow Needle’ Saturday (10.06.61 – 10pm) 82 telesnaps
‘Death on the Slipway’ Saturday (24.06.61 – 8.50pm) 90 telesnaps
‘Double Danger’ Saturday (08.07.61 – 8.50pm) 80 telesnaps
‘Toy Trap’ Saturday (22.07.61 – 8.50pm) 79 telesnaps
‘Tunnel of Fear’ Saturday (05.08.61 – 8.50pm) 78 telesnaps
‘The Far-Distant Dead’ Saturday (19.08.61 – 8.50pm) 79 telesnaps
‘Kill the King’ Saturday (02.09.61 – 8.50pm) 71 telesnaps
‘Dead of Winter’ Saturday (9.12.1961 – 10pm) 80 telesnaps
‘The Deadly Air’ Saturday (16.12.1961 – 10pm) 78 telesnaps
‘A Change of Bait’ Saturday (23.12.1961 – 10pm) 80 telesnaps
‘Dragonsfield’ Saturday (30.12.1961 – 10pm) 78 telesnaps

Ian Hendry – This Is Your Life

(unknown tx date but comes after ‘Dragonsfield’) 6 telesnaps

Total telesnaps 1,127. Recovered from Leonard White and used on the new Optimum release of The Avengers – series 1 & 2.

White Hunter

16mm print recovered by Chris Perry, Kaleidoscope.
This edition is not listed in the Kaleidoscope database!

The Rat Catchers

‘The Unwitting Courier’ (tx: 16.02.66). Downloaded via internet file sharing site.

Late Night Line Up

tx: 03. 9.71 End of missing edition which is followed by a particular ‘BBC2 COLOUR’ font that represents the second phase of BBC2 colour continuity, Nov 69- early 72. Kaleidoscope has never seen it preserved before, and even TV Ark do not have any example of this _ it’s the only missing BBC one on their website.
Located within the BBC on 2” videotape.

New Zealand Censor Clips

16mm telerecording (Total running time – 12 minutes)
The First Lady: ‘The Battle Of Waterloo Street’ (tx: 24.04.69)
The First Lady: ‘Mrs Whatever’ (tx: 25.05.68)
The First Lady: ‘Blow Hot, Blow Cold’ (tx: 17/4/69)
The Four Seasons Of Rosie Carr: Episode 1 (3 Sequences; tx 4/7/64)
Emergency Ward 10 – April 1964
Drama 62: ‘The Teeth Of Treason’ (tx 29/7/62)
The Gamblers: ‘You’ve Got A Lucky Face’ (tx 11/7/68)

Wuthering Heights 16mm behind the scenes film from 1967 version

News footage of Southern TV’s opening night on 16mm film

Colour Comes to Southern. 16mm film

Sergeant Cork

tx 14.09.63 – ‘The Case of Ella Barnes’. Umatic located at UCLA.
tx: 09.05.64 – ‘The Case of the Medicine Man’. Umatic located at UCLA.

The Sextet
‘Stoker Leishman’s Diaries’. Few minutes of studio rehearsal on 16mm b/w TR. Located by Ian Beard.

Ex-1500 cassettes, recovered by Kaleidoscope from collection of David Hamilton

Up For The Cup – ATV Quiz Series
Various Commercials
Points West (R1 Roadshow) 07.08.75
Miss Thames TV – 06.08.75
Today (Thames Regional News Series) tx: 18.06.75 Eamonn Andrews, with Jonathan King & Tommy Vance
Magpie – 22.12.78

His Lordship Entertains

tx: 05.06.72 episode one. 16mm telerecording. Returned from New Zealand to Kaleidoscope, using contact information inside original paperwork, made available by ITV to us from the 2006 series, ‘Raiders of the Lost Archives’.

British Satellite Broadcasting

It has been established that Noel Gay TV’s considerable archive of programming for the shortlived BSB service (1990) has been dispensed with, barring a few exceptions. The same is true of John Gau Productions, another major contributor.

The following complete programmes have been located on VHS, from the collections of Ian Beard, Leighton Calvert, Peter Kessler, Laurence Piper, Nick Symons and Mark Tinkler:

I Love Keith Allen – (VHS off-air of 07.07.90 revised repeat) 29.03.90
Up Yer News – (VHS off-air) 03.05.90
I Love Keith Allen – (VHS off-air) 03.05.90
Jools Holland’s The Happening – (VHS off-air) 19.05.90
I Love Keith Allen – (VHS off-air) 24.05.90
Jools Holland’s The Happening – (VHS off-air of 21.09.90 revised repeat) 26.05.90
I Love Keith Allen – (VHS off-air) 31.05.90
I Love Keith Allen – (VHS off-air) 14.06.90
La Triviata – (VHS dub from master) 29.06.90
Up Yer News – (poor VHS recording) 29.06.90
Further Up Yer News: Hairdresser – (VHS dub from master) 12.08.90
Further Up Yer News: Sales Rep – (VHS dub from master) 19.08.90
Up Yer Festival – (VHS off-air) 31.08.90
Heil Honey, I’m Home! – (VHS off-air) 30.09.90
La Triviata – (VHS off-air) 26.11.90
Up Yer News – (VHS off-air) 26.11.90
West – (VHS off-air) 28.11.90
West – (VHS off-air) 30.11.90
Up Yer Archive – (VHS off-air) 30.11.90
The Happening – (VHS dub from master) 02.03.91

…plus an assortment of undated material from The Happening, I Love Keith Allen (four unidentified editions), La Triviata, The Last Laugh and Up Yer News.

Additional material survives from the programmes 31 West, 31 West +, BSB News, The Day Today, First Edition, The Movie Show, Now Listen, Sportsdesk, Suggs on Saturday, Swing Shift and Weather Permitting as well as miscellaneous continuity for all five channels. The production companies need to be consulted on the archive status, if indeed they can be traced. Thanks to Ian Greaves for this catalogue.

Star Soccer

tx: 16.04.77 16mm colour telerecording.

Pardon the Expression

untx: 1966 Christmas episode located within ITV archive. 16mm telerecording.

If you have got a missing show or an old format videotape that might contain a missing show then let us know! You can check archive holdings over at and reach us at:

Become part of Raiders of the Lost Archives!


5 responses to “Raiders Of The Lost Archive Recoveries List 2009

  1. Marc Jordan

    I was in The Deptford Dance Orchestra & subsequently Jools Hollands band for Series 1 of ‘The Happening’.
    I demanded copies from Noel Gay TV after my work, I kept as much of a record of my work as I could in those days!
    Subsequently I have in my possession two VHS from NGTV for CH 4 version Show 5 series 1 & show 16 Series 1.

    They feature Reeves & Mortimer, Jack Dee etc..need I say more.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Steve Hannan

    The Adventures of Rupert The Bear – 1970’s
    The entire series was aired on South African TV (SABC) around 1976 onwards with frequent re-runs until the late 1990s when I left the country. I’m sure someone would be able to track it down in their (South African Broadcasting Corporation) archives. This was broadcast in the original english soundtrack and not dubbed as some other programmes were. This was an all-time childhood favourite of mine.I would love to see this on DVD and I see there are may other people who feel the same way.

  3. Edmundo Ross is the host from a series called “Command Performances Latino” beamed from Lisbon and Madrid for London’s BBC. The guest orchestra was the Havana Cuban Boys directed by pianist Armando Oreficheand guest pianist Segundo Galarza. Also: the Malagon Sisters from Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico’s dancers, The Mambo Aces,Anibal Vazquez and Sanson Batalla, The Rigual Brothers from Cuba, dancers Oggie and Margo, Xavier Cugat, Sarah Vaughn, sax player George Young and Los Llaneros from Venezuela.
    These shows were given to me in VHS and were transferred to DVD, the quality is about 3 on scale 1-5.

  4. Richard Martinez

    My sister was one of the Malagon Sisters. Desperate to get a copy of the DVD of the Command Performances Latino

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