Raymond of the Lost Archive 11# – 28/05/11

Hello again!

Since I last wrote there have been a few more things that have been found, and I’ll tell you about those first …

Firstly, there was the arrival of a new Tiswas clip on YouTube (03/11/79), and soon after I had it confirmed that the two Engelbert Humperdinck shows that I found in the UCLA archives were missing from the UK. I also ascertained the dates of brief performances that are included on a BBC promotional sales film in the same archive. These are probably no more than a minute long each, but I have confirmed that clips of Ringo Starr on the Cilla show (13/02/71), Ray Stevens on It’s Lulu (11/07/70) and Jerry Lewis on the Rolf Harris Show (31/10/70) exist on this film.

Two TOTP clips from missing shows, both featuring Pan’s People routines, appeared on YouTube. These are from 03/09/70, dancing to Bread, and 06/08/70, dancing to Stevie Wonder.

I found an audio recording of part of ‘Yes, It’s the Cathode Ray Tube Show’ (dated as 18/03/57) in the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. I have notified Tim Disney, the Associated-Rediffusion expert, of the find.

Readers of the column will recall the Clapperboard that I and another missing episode hunter almost simultaneously found in the Huntley archive, an excellent private archive founded by the brilliant film historian and archivist John Huntley.

I did some more research via their online archive, and I have found Dave Allen’s missing show Eccentrics at Play (30/12/1974).

In addition, I have also found partial clips of the following lost shows in the archive: the Frankie Howerd Show (18/12/64), Sunday Night at the London Palladium (01/12/57), ‘the Billy Cotton Band Show (12/04/62) and This Is Your Life (11/05/59), featuring a distant relative of mine, Tommy Trinder!

Bear in mind that these last four shows are excerpts only, but it is still fantastic to see these works preserved and in existence. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Huntley Archive for their speedy and courteous response to my enquiries.

I am delighted that many archives respond quickly and politely to enquiries I have. The BBC and Huntley are two archive holders in particular who have been fantastic.

Several others have also been a great help to me, including many of the regional and overseas archives.

It’s a shame not all archive holders and companies are like that. I have a few stories I could tell, but I’d better not.

Oh, go on then. Here’s one.

In the early days, I would often phone archive holders, and with one such company I called to say I believed I’d found some lost footage.

I was eventually put through to the Programme Sales area, and I told the gent on the other end of the phone about my find, which I was offering to return to him.

All the time he was tapping on a PC, very easily audible in the background.

After I had finished talking, the tapping noise stopped and he informed me that the programme did not exist (which I already knew) in their archives. I was just about to speak when he said “I’m really sorry that you won’t be able to buy a copy of it after all”.

Until next time,



3 responses to “Raymond of the Lost Archive 11# – 28/05/11

  1. Excellent! Keep up the good work! x

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  3. nicky cruden

    How do you do?

    I have recently ressurected my old Akai open reel tape recorder and have found many reels of tape.
    I have a radio serial ‘A Walk in the Dark’ originally broadcast on radio 2 in the ’70s, I think. Any use?

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