Freewheelers: The Complete Series Six

Southern Television – 1971

Freewheelers: Series Six

Freewheelers: Series Six

Released by: Simply Home Entertainment

Format: DVD ( 2 discs)

Time: 5hrs 16ms

All 13 episodes from the sixth season of the  fondly remembered UK children’s spy adventure series, described by website as an ‘adrenalin-charged 30 minute actioneer… that featured all the gadgets of a decent Bond movie minus the sex and sadism’.

Teenagers Sue (Wendy Padbury), Mike (Adrian Wright) and Steve (Leonard Gregory), under the direction of MI5’s Colonel Buchan (Ronald Leigh-Hunt), protect world security from the threat of Professor Nero (Jerome Willis).

Episodes are: ‘Nero’, ‘ Operation Seagull’, ‘Medusa’, ‘ Mayday’, ‘Pirates’, ‘The Threat’, ‘Doomsday’, ‘Black Box’, ‘Cypher’, ‘The Parcel’, ‘The Race’, ‘Red Herring’ and ‘Pay Off’.

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