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Arrows Find Has Pop Fans A-Quiver

MISSING episodes enthusiast Ray Langstone has found more missing TV footage, weeks after discovering a lost BBC arts film.

This time he has discovered two missing performances from Top of the Pops, both featuring ’70s pop band The Arrows.

The first clip features the American – English three-piece playing their hit single My Last Night With You (tx 13/2/75), while the second is a specially shot promo film for A Touch Too Much screened on TOTP on 13/6/74.

Ray, who recently found a missing insert from BBC programme Late Night Line-Up, discovered the clips on video-sharing website YouTube.

Classic TV organisation Kaleidoscope were notified and put in touch with the poster, who has since returned DVD copies of the footage to the BBC.

Ray said: “I have decided to try to contact posters of missing footage available on YouTube directly, asking them if they would either consider returning their footage to the archive holder, be it the BBC or whoever, send their footage to Kaleidoscope, or send any copies of films to me, and I will forward it on as they wish.

“I have contact five or six posters, and there are already tangible results from this!”

My Last Night With You peaked at No. 25 in the charts in February 1974. The returned clip comes from an insert tape screened during the 27/2/75 TOTP.

The colour footage is time-coded and features a ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ shot of DJ Dave Lee Travis introducing the song first time round.

A Touch Too Much was the first hit for The Arrows and made the Top 10 in 1974, reaching No. 8.

The promo was commissioned by record producer Mickie Most, who released the song through his label, RAK Records.

It was produced and directed by Mike Mansfield and aired (originally sans “swirling kaleidoscope” F/X) while The Arrows were on tour in Europe, therefore being unable to make the TOTP studio.

The Arrows included singer/bassist Alan Merrill, guitarist Jake Hooker and drummer Paul Varley.

Formed in London in 1974, the group released six singles (including the original version of I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll) and made two series of The Arrows Show for Granada (1976-7) before disbanding in 1977.

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