Raymond of the Lost Archive 12# – 07/08/11

I’ve been very busy!

There have been a number of great finds and discoveries since I last wrote around two months ago, either by myself or with and by others. I’ll try to list them as chronologically (in regard to when they were found or noted) as I can.

But let me start with some disappointing news. A few clips and full shows that were found and I alerted an archive holder about were rejected by them.

These clips were held overseas, and while not being in any danger of being wiped by those archives, it was still something that left me fuming.

I certainly don’t think that getting a transfer from an archive – even onto DVD – for something that was thought lost forever would be massively expensive.

Nonetheless, as much as I was disappointed by the attitude, it hasn’t stopped me looking for footage and I also hear that the decision was not agreed with by certain employees of the company.

Anyway, on to the findings.

I found some YouTube clips in June, domestic recordings of an edition of Runaround and a 1976 Opportunity Knocks featuring the Brothers…. more Hughie Green was to follow.

I managed to date an insert of the ATV show Seeing Sport, which is in the Wessex archive to the 29th November, 1962. Another YouTube finding soon followed, a clip from the Grampian wiped TV show Hogmanay, from 1975. Two previous clips had been available online from the same 1975 edition.

With some help from Eurovision expert Gordon Roxburgh, I managed to date three Song for Europe clips that have been doing the rounds in collectors circles; Clodagh Rodgers from It’s Cliff from 20/02/71, the New Seekers from It’s Cliff 12/02/72 and Olivia Newton John from Clunk Click 23/02/74. All clips are available on YouTube and safe in overseas archives.

Lost footage enthusiast Lance Meenach found four episodes of George Hamilton IV and Other Folk from 1973, held in the Louis Round Special Collections Library in the US. This inspired me to look again in the States, by my normal online methods. One of which featured the Wurzels with their original lead singer Adge Cutler.

I found an episode of Double Your Money from 1959, which Hughie Green had passed on to Ed Sullivan to try and get him interested in the show. This was found in the Library of Wisconsin and formed part of the Ed Sullivan papers.

My next find was one that has had a certain amount of publicity in certain circles. The only missing episode of Around the World with Orson Welles, a Rediffusion show from ITV’s first year of 1955, was found. Orson Welles has still quite a large following and this means that the whole series is now in existence!

Chris Dabbs alerted me to an interview with Showaddywaddy from Look North from 1975 that was thought to have been wiped, and shortly after I was alerted by Rich Cornock to a brief snippet of footage on YouTube of HTV’s entirely missing show The Great Western Musical Thunderbox, again featuring the Wurzels original singer Adge Cutler.

I found an early Tyne Tees show from 1958 called “The Way We Live”, from the Lewenhak collection.

I was alerted to the Nice’s appearance on Colour Me Pop from 16/11/68 by music fan AJ Smith. I have now received a copy of the film (ironically in monochrome!), and the BBC will be getting a copy of this. Missing episodes enthusiast RJ Wels also let me know about his return of many Frost Report audios to the BBC, and soon after I found two audios of Round the Bend in Thirty Mnutes in the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

Lance Meenach was also busy and found some footage – synched up with audio – of ITN’s coverage of the Moon Landings.

I’m regularly looking at the fantastic Huntley archive, and I found two clips from Stepping Out With Formby, George Formby’s penultimate TV show – from 25/04/59. This was not even thought to have been recorded by the BBC!

About 15 minutes of a lost Saturday Night at the Mill was found on YouTube from 1980 (yes, some shows were still being wiped then). This featuring the last TV appearance of Margaret Lockwood. I also ascertained the archive status of all episodes of Engelbert and the Young Generation, which exist in a German archive, and yesterday I was alerted to film of Tubby Hayes appearance on Jazz Scene from 30/09/69 by TV and music enthusiast Louis Barfe, Jazz Scene being a series almost completely wiped.

Hope I can be pointed in the direction of more lost shows, or hopefully, you can find some!

Until next time,



2 responses to “Raymond of the Lost Archive 12# – 07/08/11

  1. stuart

    keep up the great work!!!hope you manage to find some dr who!!!

  2. Great work as ever, Ray. Runaround was a particular favourite of mine.:-)

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