CLASSIC TV organisation are pleased to announce the schedule for their autumn event – taking place this Saturday, September 1.

Titled “Midlands Memories”, it is devoted to ATV and Midlands broadcasting.


Saturday 1st September 2012, 12:00 – 7:00 pm
Function Suite, The Talbot Hotel,
High Street, Stourbridge,
West Midlands DY8 1DW, UK
Free Admission

In association with Pipkins – “The Help People” and H (R) H Enterprises

Guest panels compered by Wes Smith


* 12:00 pm ATV start-up – coming up today on ATV…
* 12:05 pm TISWAS – long unseen and previously missing footage from a
November 1980 edition of the anarchic Saturday morning children’s show.
Returned to Kaleidoscope in 2007, it features Chris Tarrant, Sally
James, Lenny Henry and Frank Carson (TX: ??/11/1980).
* 12:30 pm A Shower of Shot – A tribute to the hugely popular and
long-running game show The Golden Shot, produced by archive television
specialists Farcical Films.
* 1:15 pm Reporting the Midlands. Bob Warman has been the face of
Midlands news for four decades. Sadly, he cannot be with us in person
today but discusses his long association with local broadcasting in this
pre-filmed video interview.
* 1:30 pm Tingha and Tucker – the puppets meet Uncle Cliff (aka Cliff
Richard) at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in this full edition from 1962,
which was previously missing from official archives.
* 1:40 pm New Faces – The first appearance of a teenage comedian
called Lenny Henry on the talent show, which he would go on to win. Long
thought lost, this private recording was made by Bob Monkhouse who was a
great fan of Henry. Lenny Henry got to see it again for the first time
since its original broadcast courtesy of Kaleidoscope at our Bob’s Full
House event in 2009.
* 1:45 pm Break
* 2:00 pm Guest Panel – An Audience with Hartley Hare: “Hello loyal
fans… er, friends. Hartley Hare here, the star of the show. I’d have
thought three events were enough, but no… those Kaleidoscope people
have been pestering me again. You think all those PPI calls are bad?
This lot are relentless. Oh well, I suppose I could do it again. I’ve
left Tortoise in charge of Pipkins (you need a sound financial brain on
hand in these tough economic times) and am off to the spiritual home of
ATV for another all expenses jolly. Always nice to meet my adoring…
er, ordinary people. Someone of my fame, handsome good looks and charm
always has minor celebrities following in his wake and I expect I’ll
bring some with me again, to bask in my reflected glory of course. My
manager, Nigel Plaskitt seems to follow me everywhere. That Gail
Renard’s a talented lady. She writes you know, although I was
responsible for all her best work. It will be lovely to remember the
glory days of Pipkins and ATV. Lew Grade always said I was his biggest
star. Noele Gordon handbagged me over that more than once. You never
know, you might just get to see some of my other old friends as well,
although if the Pig turns up, I’m not leaving the presidential suite…”
* 3.00 pm Break and Book Launch – we hope that Rex Firkin will be able
to join us in person to sign copies of High Drama, his new memoirs.
* 3:30 pm ATV Today – travel back in time to 20th September 1978 with
this edition of ATV’s nightly regional news. Leading with the breaking
story of Carl Bridgewater’s tragic murder only a few miles from here,
the programme also features international cricketer Rachael Heyhoe Flint
publicising her new book, a party celebrating the 3000th episode of
Crossroads and Bernard Juby performing magic tricks. The recording is
sourced from a Philips N1500 tape and also features the end of ITN’s
national news, assorted advertisements, the opening titles of Crossroads
and in-vision continuity announcements by Mike Prince (TX: 20/09/1978).
* 4:15 pm Johnny Patrick on Stage. Johnny Patrick has been one of the
UK’s top professional musicians for over five decades. Probably best
known as an accomplished jazz keyboard player and leader of one of the
country’s premier rhythm sections, he is also a renowned composer and
musical director with a massive breadth of musical experience ranging
from running his own Big Band to directing film and television recording
sessions and conducting the London Philhrmonic Orchestra at the Royal
Albert Hall. A prolific writer of original jazz compositions, he also
produces Big Band specials for radio and composes themes and incidental
music for radio and television. One of his best known compositions is
the theme to long running game show, Bullseye. Johnny was one of the
first and eventually longest serving musicians working in commercial
television. From his original break on the ITV show Lunchbox in the
early sixties he was musical director on many groundbreaking light
entertainment shows such as the BBC’s Dee Time and ITV’s The Golden
Shot, New Faces and TISWAS. This lead to his appointment as Head of
Music for Central Television in 1983, a position he held for eleven
years. A member of the Royal Society of Musicians, Johnny was a central
figure in the growth of independent local radio and also served as
chairman of the British Musicians’ Union for an unprecented 32 years.
Born in Birmingham, Johnny has lived in the Midlands all his life. Still
a passionate supporter of the British jazz scene, he remains busier in
partial retirement than most people are in full time employment!
* 5:15pm Memories from MACE – the team behind the highly acclaimed
ATVLand in Colour documentary join us for a panel. Director Peter Raven
and Lee Bannister will talk to Wes Smith about their next project,
devoted to ATV Today. Then Emma Morley from the Media Archive for
Central England (MACE) will showcase a selection of gems kept in their
archive, including footage of Aston and Broad Street in their heyday.
Other footage will include famous ATV Today news stories, Angling Today
with Chris Tarrant and clips from the final ATV Today broadcast on New
Year’s Eve 1981. There is also footage of Rex Firkin and the Talbot
Hotel, Stourbridge from many years ago when both looked younger!
* 6:10 pm Summer Night Out. Bob Monkhouse hosts this ATV entertainment
show, featuring Sacha Distel, Rod Hull and Emu, Lulu, Reg Varney, Sheer
Elegance, The Norman Maen Dancers, Johnny Patrick Orchestra and Bones.
Produced and directed by Paul Stewart Laing (TX: 14/07/1976).
* 7:00 pm Closedown – We end with the final moments of ATV, broadcast
on New Year’s Eve 1981.


* 12:00 pm Val Parnell’s Saturday Spectacular – The Norman Wisdom Show.
The legendary British comic actor stars in this ATV production from 1957
(TX: 24/09/1957).
* 1:00 pm Saturday Variety. Written by Barry Cryer and Bryan
Blackburn, this variety show features Dorothy Squires, John Bluthal, Joe
Lynch, Larry Grayson, Stuart Gillies, Rod Hull and Emu, The Mike Sammes
Singers and Dougie Squires’ Second Generation (TX: 22/01/1972).
* 2:00 pm The Elstree Story – Made for internal purposes, this
untransmitted compilation presents highlights from most programmes made
by ATV at Elstree.
* 3:30 pm Topo Gigio “…Goes to School”. Joe Melia and Topo Gigio
(voiced by Keith Alexander) go to school in this ATV production for ATV
* 3:45 pm Pipkins – “Mrs Muddle’s Plant Stand”. Join Hartley Hare,
Pig, Topov and all your favourites in a rarely-seen episode of ATV’s
classic children’s show. Hartley has allowed us to say this episode also
stars Sue Nicholls as their kindly neighbour, Mrs Muddle.
* 4:00 pm Noddy – “Noddy’s Camera”. Enid Blyton’s stories adapted for
the small screen by Peter Hayes in this early version from 1957. Voices
by Denise Bryer, Jasmine Bligh, Cyril Shaps and Tony Sympson. Directed
by Rex Firkin (TX: 13/01/1957).
* 4:15 pm Market in Honey Lane – “The Killing”. Drama series set in a
London “theatreland” street market (in reality, built in the grounds of
ATV’s Elstree Studios) starring John Bennett and Ray Lonnen. Created by
Louis Marks (TX: 05/06/1967).
* 5:15 pm Bud N Ches – Bernie Winters and Leslie Crowther star as
classic comedy double act Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen in this
biographical entertainment show from the pen of Sid Collin (TX: 16/06/1981).
* 6:30 pm On The Braden Beat. A well remembered topical programme
presented by Bernard Braden, this edition recorded on 8th June 1965 also
features Peter Sellers and Anita Harris. Produced by ATV London for ATV
(TX: 12/06/1965).
* 7:00 pm Closedown

For more information visit www.kaleidoscope.org.uk


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