Bath – Queen of the West

NOT all finds can be on the same scale as the recovery of a lost Doctor Who, Out of the Unknown, Hancock’s Half Hour or Top of the Pops, but nevertheless each discovery still counts.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share a link to a news story I recently wrote on behalf of the British Film Institute, which was published in the Bath Chronicle on August 19.

It concerns the discovery of a missing episode of 1950s BBC TV show About Britain, presented by Richard Dimbleby.

The edition in question (tx 21.11.52) is called “Bath – Queen of the West” and no prizes for guessing which English city it shines the spotlight on.

You can read the full story of the discovery, made in a cinema no less, here.


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One response to “Bath – Queen of the West

  1. jblatham

    Another TV find?
    In 1960 the Society of Psychical Research acquired a 16mm film of an episode of the BBC TV series Lifeline (or most part of the episode) on the subject of ESP. They might still have it. Their archive is in Cambridge.

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