I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again Restoration

Wiped catches up with Keith Wickham, whose restored episodes of pre-Python radio show I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again have recently been lighting up the BBC Radio 7 schedule.

Keith has also worked on restoring such shows as The Goon Show, The Embassy Lark and The Big Business Lark.

You can read the full interview here.



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3 responses to “I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again Restoration

  1. “I’m sorry… I’ll read that again” – I have a tape -> CD of the show for 2/12/73. Is there anybody at the BBC who would like a copy? F.R.E.E! Contact me, I am looking where to send it.

  2. Chris J Brady

    Huh – I too have loads of lost folk progs. junked by the Beeb. Email them and no-one bothers to reply.

  3. Thanks for the comment that has just come through to me. I guess I’ll just dump it, I did think somebody might be excited!

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