Get on the Bus for Missing Top of the Pops

A MISSING Top of the Pops performance featuring The Hollies in their heyday has come to light on Youtube.

Standing in front of a distinctly groovy Sixties stage, the Manchester band perform “Bus Stop”, a hit single from the summer of 1966.

The Hollies on Top of the Pops

MISSING CLIPPY: A still from The Hollies' "Bus Stop" Top of the Pops appearance, June 1966.

The black and white film clip is generally in good condition and runs to 2″58′. It contains the entirety of the song, which reached #2 in the charts. The discovery is especially important for capturing The Hollies with original bassist Eric Haydock, who left the band that year.

Youtube user ‘jleepixprod’ is to thank for the incredible find, which dates from the 23/6/66 edition of Top of the Pops (included as a telerecording of the 16/6/66 performance).

It has been confirmed the poster, a retired film editor based in the US, only possesses the Hollies insert but never-the-less it is an exceptional find, being both the first contemporary performance of the song to surface and also the first material to emerge from either edition of the BBC’s iconic show.

The discovery will only add support to a long-standing rumour that the 16th June edition, which featured The Beatles in their only live appearance (playing “Paperback Writer”), exists somewhere in the States.

Here’s the link to Bus Stop.



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5 responses to “Get on the Bus for Missing Top of the Pops

  1. Scott Jackson

    It’s a shame that the youtube video member removed the video.

  2. zombiebacon

    I know! I’m sure some fans downloaded a copy off YouTube. If anybody is willing to share a link so I can put this great video back up, please get in touch.

  3. Peter Marshall

    Yes – the video has been removed. A shame.

    Oh well. That’s life!

    Great site incidentally. Thanks.

  4. Geoff

    ‘Bus Stop’ reached number 5 not Number 2 in the British chart

    Interesting clip as Eric Haydock had already left The Hollies (Replacement Bassist Bernie Calvert played Bass on the recording in May 1966 but had not joined ‘officially’ at that point) – Presumably Haydock was invited back for the TOTP show as part of his ‘severence’ from the band deal (Haydock’s departure was kept quiet for a time with them saying he was ‘unwell’ when they toured Scandinavia briefly in 1966 with Bernie Calvert supposedly ‘standing in for Eric’)

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