“Bob’s Full House” – Tickets Now Available for Kaleidoscope Event

Classic TV organisation Kaleidoscope has revealed further details about its October event dedicated to comedian’s comedian Bob Monkhouse, including information on how to obtain tickets.

Entitled ‘Bob’s Full House‘, the hotly-anticipated event will be a retrospective of the life and work of the hugely-talented comic, writer and avid TV, film and radio collector, who died of prostate cancer in 2003.

Of particular interest to missing episodes enthusiasts will by Kaleidoscope’s announcement of all the lost TV and radio shows they have discovered while sorting through the vast Bob Monkhouse Archive.

Posting on both the Missing Episodes and Mausoleum Club forums, Kaleidoscope’s Chris Perry gave the following information about “Bob’s Full House”:

“Join Kaleidoscope and the Monkhouse family on Saturday 24th October 2009

The David Lean Room, BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9LN

12:00 – 7:00 pm

The Bob Monkhouse Archive is stored and managed by Kaleidoscope on behalf of the Monkhouse family. Originally given to the BFI, but now stored solely with us, the collection includes 35mm and 16mm film, a range of obsolete VCR formats and a huge library of modern cassettes. There are thousands of radio items, scripts and pieces of memorabilia.

Bob’s former home, ‘Claridges’, clearly was a very full house indeed.

However, the collection is far more than just the works of Bob himself. It contains rare and unique material from many comedy greats including Denis Goodwin, Tony Hancock, Tommy Cooper, Lenny Henry, Frankie Howerd and Jasper Carrott.

To raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Research Fund, enter a fabulous world of comedy on Saturday 24th October and enjoy the hidden classics found in Bob’s full house.


Denis Norden, William G. Stewart

Colin Edmonds, Alan Nixon

Paul Stewart Laing

with contributions from John Fisher,

Gail Renard, Dick Fiddy and Steve Bryant.

Our M.C. is Liz Barker

More guests being confirmed daily!

Entry is strictly by free ticket only, because BAFTA

is a private club. Please send an SAE to:

93 Old Park Road, Dudley, DY1 3NE

Spaces are limited to 150 people only.

“Bob’s Full House” – a comprehensive guide to the material within the collection will be published on the day. This paperback book will list the hundreds of missing programmes found by Kaleidoscope’s digital restorers. Price: TBC.”

  • For more information on the Bob Monkhouse Collection and “Bob’s Full House”, see an earlier Wiped news story here.

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