Unearthed Tapes Reveal Flashez Of Brilliance

Several complete episodes of fondly-remembered Australian pop show Flashez have been discovered.

The weekday youth magazine-style show, which ran from 1976-7 on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), featured home-grown talent from across the worlds of music, TV and sports, such as bands Midnight Oil and The Saints, and champion surfer Mark Warren.

Film reports and music clips featuring international stars such as Star Wars’ actor Mark Hamill, The Beatles’ Ringo Starr and punk fashion designer Vivienne Westwood were also part of the mix.

As with broadcasting networks in other countries, ABC routinely recycled their 2″ mastertapes of programmes and Flashez was sadly no exception.

Until recently only interview and music clips from the show remained in the archives, and though these numbered in the hundreds, they couldn’t give a true feel of the programme as broadcast.

But all that’s changed thanks to the diligent work of ABC researcher John Williams.

John has managed to trace several full episodes by checking with those who were involved in the making of Flashez, such as producers and presenters.

One of the hosts, Ray Burgess, donated four full episodes  – including the first and last shows – in 2007 and since then more material has re-surfaced, with a further three whole shows apparently coming to light in the last few months.

A delighted John told Wiped: “It was a bit disconcerting when I was helping put together a series of the history of ABC programmes in 2006 (50th anniversary of ABC TV) and we couldn’t trace a single episode (of Flashez)!

“We had film inserts and stories on film but no live programs. Thankfully things changed in 2007 and this led to further recoveries.”

Wiped hopes to provide more details about what exactly has been re-discovered in the near future.

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