Colour Me Pop – Can You Help Track Down Missing Material?

During its short life, BBC 2’s Colour Me Pop showcased some of brightest lights of British rock and pop music in glorious colour.

Between June 1968 and August ’69 51 editions of this pioneering music show (a spin-off of BBC 2 arts magazine Late Night Line-Up) were made, with era-defining groups such as The Kinks, Caravan and Free performing half-hour sets.

Today, Colour Me Pop would be seen as providing a a treasure-trove of material from the cream of the UK charts, if all but a few editions hadn’t been wiped long ago.

In total, five editions remain intact within the BBC archive – The Small Faces, The Moody Blues, The Move, Trapeze and an unscreened programme showcasing The Chambers Brothers. Apart from that there are a few tantalizing clips from the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band edition and film inserts from the Clodagh Rodgers/Honeybus edition, according to the show’s entry on Wikipedia.

Music enthusiast A. J. Smith is currently researching Colour Me Pop and has helped recover precious audio recordings of missing shows during the course of his work.

He told Wiped: ‘I’ve been researching CMP since December last year, with a view to hopefully gathering enough information for an absorbing (magazine) article.

‘To this end, I’ve been trying to track down and interview anyone who appeared on or worked on the show, to find out more info and possibly to recover lost material from the show.

‘So far, most of the artists I’ve emailed who appeared on the show can’t remember much, (with the exception of Peter Giles of Giles, Giles and Fripp) but, after posting about my research on the Mausoleum Club forum, a member managed to put me in touch with BBC sound engineer Michael Cotton, who worked on CMP and could remember a lot about it.

‘He had also saved the soundtracks to the Hollies and Barry Noble editions, and kindly supplied me with CD copies of them. These have been the first (hopefully of more) recoveries of my on-going research.’

Mr Smith is now trying to track down CMP’s director, Steve Turner, and is appealing for anyone who might know of his present whereabouts to get in touch.

He continued: ‘My number one priority for future research is to track down Steve Turner, who would remember the most about the show.

‘He was last heard from working at Central TV in the early ’90s and is almost certainly retired by now, as he must be, by my reckoning, aged 72 at present.

‘If any of the readers of Wiped have any clue as to where-in-the-world Steve Turner is these days, or anything else about Colour Me Pop at all, PLEASE get in contact with me at khakishorts@gmail.’

Wiped wishes Mr Smith all the best with his research and missing episode hunting.


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15 responses to “Colour Me Pop – Can You Help Track Down Missing Material?

  1. Lenka Joszo

    I read your blog and would like to know if you succeeded in locating Steve Turner.
    I met him when I was a student from Belgium writing a glossary of television working terms. He was extremely helpful, even allowing me to watch Late Night Line Up from the control room. I would love to see him and wife Christine.
    Thank you

  2. Terry Rowley

    Mr Smith. I played with Trapeze on colour me pop and if our show is still in the archives, I would really like to get hold of a copy,(is this possible ?). Reason being that I did a Bach guitar duet with the late Mel Galley on the show, and it would be really great to have something to remember him by. If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated. regards.Terry Rowley

  3. A.J.Smith

    Hi there Terry,
    Unfortunately I don’t have much of an idea how you’d go about getting a copy of the Trapeze show, beyond contacting BBC archives directly and seeing if an arrangement can be made. Frustratingly, the Trapeze show has never been repeated, bootlegged, excerpted or commerically released like other surviving CMPs have, so despite surviving, it has still been unseen for 40 years.
    I would however be very interested in interviewing you as a performer on the show for the article I’m writing. Get in touch with me at if you’re interested in a short e-mail interview about Trapeze’s appearance on Colour Me Pop.
    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but please get in touch: I’d like to sppeak to as many people who were on the show as I can.

  4. Tim Douglas

    I remember seeing many of these broadcasts and would particularly like to see the Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac show (1968) again,. If it’s of any help to anyone,when Peter quit the band in 1970 ,they showed a couple of clips (cartainly one track was LOVE THAT BURNS ) from it ,as a tribute ,on Late Night Line Up (about june, 1970) -the point being that the Fleetwood Mac edition cannot have been wiped right after transmission Even if the BBC wiped these , can someone find out if they sold these shows to Australian and Canadian TV for example. Perhaps they are lurking in their archives ?


  5. barry noble

    i would love to receive a cd or amail of my audio perfomance on colour me pop 1968 cswith fearns brass foundry backing me

  6. A.J.Smith

    Dear Barry, please get in contact with me at this email: and I will send you the audio of your Colour Me Pop!

  7. The Fortunes performed the song known as THE ALAMO on Colour Me Pop show 30th August 1969 (BBC2)

  8. David

    I would very much like to listen to the theme tune to Colour me Pop. I can remember it in my head from 42 years ago but have never heard it since! Can anyone help?

  9. Eddie Graf

    Steve Turner got a YouTube channel:

    and he wrote me for my Small Faces & Mood Blues complete Color me Pop uploads on YouTube very nice words that he thought he would never see this in his life and he is still well remembered.. :)

    greets Eddie

    Moody Blues

    Small Faces

  10. Gerald

    Having read this I can only assume there is no material available for commercial sale. What a tragic loss.

  11. William David Flynn

    Can anyone help me track down the footage by ‘FREE’ . WIth the recently passing of Andy Fraser it would be a great legacy to him to showcase him in the band when he was only 15/16

  12. Stu Rutherford

    I’d love to get access to video or even audio of FREE if anyone can help. Tragic if this has indeed been wiped!

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